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Reading Gypsy Tarot

Reading Gypsy Tarot explores the origin of the cards, but not only that, you will also discover the true history of the ancients, which so far was unknown and hidden. That is, the cards contain this ancient history, which can only be accessed with Sanskrit language, as the language itself contains the entire human history. That is why Sanskrit is called 'the Language of the Gods'. At the surface the Gypsy cards seems to contain straight forward images but that is not so. It's origin can be traced back to the ancient times, and each card holds a coded secret, which you could only guess until now. We have created for you these beautifully illustrated e-books which will make you feel like Indiana Jones, an archaeologist and anthropologist, discovering hidden, often forbidden treasures, the incredible advanced knowledge the ancients encoded into the pictures.

Most Gypsy tarot cards do not come with instructions, but only with this advise  "the meaning is relatively easily deciphered, although it is important to avoid falling into the trap of adhering too closely and literally to the meaning suggested by the pictures and captions. However, the cards are explicit enough in their connotations to make a detailed commentary unnecessary". This leaves you on your own to find out and search how to start... Therefore, we have developed books to help you with the start, but even advanced tarot readers can benefit from these tarot books. Most tarot cards such as the Hungarian Gypsy Card and the Gypsy card's meaning are almost identical, but we made for both as their images are slightly different, however their meaning will be the same. 

We wanted to bring you a new way to understand tarot, therefore we have. explored the origin of the tarot cards in relation to ancient Greek mythology, as Gypsy cards contain too many Avatars from Greek mythology to be ignored.