Reading Gypsy Cards

Gypsy card by design meant to shed light on your current state of mind. For example how outside influences and forces impacting the destiny of your life, of which you might not even be aware of. Be prepared for it! What you learn you will discover your deepest wishes and it lets you know what to do to realise them. Feelings and facts are often the opposite. Facts usually attributed to rational thinking and disregarding wishes, hopes and beliefs. To know about your possibilities you have to see both and this is only possible with the help of Gypsy Card. The ebooks will help you to start reading the card. It will also help to understand, how different positions in the spread will affect the card's meaning. For example First position being when the card is far from the significator card and it is positive, the Second position is medium, when a positive card is far from the significator card but a negative card is next to it, and so on...

Gypsy Cards by Piatnik

Piatnik Gypsy Card is the most popular tool to tell fortune. Each card tell a different story, therefore it is important to be sensitive reading and understanding the symbolism hidden within the image. These cards contain several images that were originally seen as illustrations in divination games as well as a playing card, but the whole collection becomes a distinctive tradition with unique images and a format of its own.


"The cards are fantastic, I printed them and they look as they would come from the Medieval Times. " -- Rose, Italy

"Great reading! This card predict the future very accurately. Thanks!." -- Joanne, Melbourne