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Reading Tarot, How to Interpret Gypsy Tarot Cards

Easy guide to reading tarot, with the PDF and PageFlip e-book publication on DVD. We are reliable professionals with over 10 years of experience. We listen to our customers need and work with them to address their needs to provide innovative solutions with easy guide to tarot. 

Reading Biedermeier Tarot

Reading Biedermeier Tarot Cards is180 pages and 10.1 MB   Available in Pdf and Flip Page e-book format. More Info >>

About Biedermeier...

Biedermeier Tarot Reading: Interpreting Biedermeier Tarot e-book is a complete guide to learning the Biedermeier Fortune Telling Card. It is 180 pages and 10.1 MB  PDF e-book with detailed explanation of each tarot card of the beautifully illustrated Fortune Telling Card. Each cards are explained in a detailed study. Include image symbolism, meaning and reverse meaning. 12 different Tarot Spreads also included. This tarot book is excellent for beginners and experts alike. If you're a starter, this tarot book is easy to understand and you will learn how to read each tarot image, meaning and reverse meaning. Whilst if you are an advanced tarot reader you can benefit from this book by seeing the Biedermeier Tarot from a new perspective. 

Gypsy Tarot Cards by Piatnik

Most people are confused how to read Gypsy tarot, because there are so many type of cards available today. Most of us think that Tarot under different title is read differently then the card with another name. For example the card of Sweetheart in Zigeuner card read differently to the Sweetheart in Art Deco or Gypsy Oracle cards. That is not so. Doesn't matter what the card is called, the Sweetheart or the Queen of Hearts will have the same meaning. It cannot be interpreted differently. The only difference between the different cards is that they include more or less cards. For instance the Art Deco Tarot have cards such as the Lord, Pride, Inconsistancy, whilst the Zigeuner, the Gypsy card and the Biedermeier does not. Therefore the Art Deco card will give you more option to understand the cards then the Zigeuner or Biedermeier would. The other card is the Thought card and the Captivity card. Some Gypsy tarot includes Captivity, whilst others do not. Our books however, includes the interpretation of Captivity within the Thought card, because the meaning of Thought cannot be understood clearly without understanding Captivity. Thought is Light and Captivity is the Shadow.


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